SNR to Launch Portable Aggregate Supply System

FAYETTEVILLE, GA. – (March 26, 2013) – Synergy Natural Resources, LLC (SNR) has developed a revolutionary delivery system for the supply and storage of aggregate materials known as the PASS Box (Portable Aggregate Supply System). This patent pending technology (US Patent Serial No. 61/804,502) is designed to increase the effectiveness of the market’s current delivery methodologies by integration into an intermodal, universally transportable unit capable of keeping aggregate materials safe inside the same containment unit throughout the entire supply chain journey and, at the same time, removing the typical bottlenecks found in other delivery methods.

By utilizing SNR’s PASS Box technology, you can:

  • Reach higher market prices through spot demand and delivery;
  • Bypass the difficulties of working with the railroads in key targeted regions;
  • Protect your product from the degradation caused by multiple handlings;
  • Reduce your liability by testing materials once at the source and securing the product;
  • Access every current means of transport (barge, rail, truck);
  • And provide your customers value by supplying a critical element of their operation while saving them space on site, time in delivery, and unnecessary costs.

SNR has commissioned and completed the manufacture of a scaled prototype of the PASS Box to demonstrate its functionality and the ease of integration into potential customers’ current delivery processes.

SNR’s management team has secured a network of manufacturers in strategic locations throughout the United States capable of producing a full range of units based on their customer’s quantity demand.

Contracts are currently in development for both the sale and lease of the PASS Box in fleets ranging from 200 to 4,000 units.

If you have questions concerning the PASS Box or if you would like to inquire about its purchase or lease, please contact Synergy Natural Resource’s co-founder, Drew Lofstad, at