The PASS Box (Portable Aggregate Supply System)

This patent pending technology (US Patent Serial No. 61/804,502) is designed to increase the effectiveness of the market’s current delivery methodologies by integration into an intermodal, universally transportable unit capable of keeping aggregate materials safe inside the same containment unit throughout the entire supply chain journey and, at the same time, removing the typical bottlenecks found in other delivery methods.


There are currently four methods for transporting aggregate material on the market being utilized by the oil and natural gas sectors for supplying their hydraulic fracturing (“frac”) sand.

  1. Super Sacks                                      capacity of 1 ton
  2. Pneumatic Tanker Trucks               capacity of 25 tons
  3. Railroad Hopper Cars                     capacity of 100 tons
  4. River Barges                                      capacity of 1000 tons

Sand suppliers and/or service companies currently have to utilize a variety of the above methods for the delivery of a single product.  This leads to multiple handlings which cause increases in cost, product deterioration, liability, and time.

When your delivery is at the mercy of the railroads, your quality is at the risk of the transload facilities, and your revenue is at the cost of demurrage fees your business can be largely out of control.  Why not take control back with the PASS Box?

Our patent pending design utilizes the best of the market’s loading/unloading methodologies and increases their effectiveness by making them universally transportable and free from the typical bottlenecks found in other delivery methods.


The PASS Box allows you to…

  • Reach higher market prices through spot demand and delivery
  • Bypass the difficulties of working with the railroads
  • Protect your product from the breakdown caused by multiple handlings
  • Reduce your liability by testing once at the mine and securing the product
  • Access every means of transport (barge, rail, truck)
  • Provide your customers value by supplying a critical element of their operation while saving them space on site, time in delivery, and unnecessary costs.